Eddy Mathijs

Residence:  Sint-Truiden – Belgium

Date of Birth:  27-03-1961

Date of Death:  22-12-2020

Employer: Sint-Trudo Ziekenhuis (Sint-Truiden – Belgium)

Job/Function:  Ambulance driver / Logistic worker

Cause of Death:  Corona contamination

Submitted by: Carine Duchateau – Wife

Born 27 March 1961 in Sint-Truiden – Died 22 December 2020 in Leuven

In 1985 Eddy decided to work as an ambulance driver in the then “Sint-Anna” hospital in St-Truiden. He was on standby day and night for anyone who needed him and to ensure the permanence of the emergency care (100).

In 1992 the former hospitals “Sint-Jozef” and “Sint-Anna” in Sint-Truiden merged. Since then he has continued his passion and profession as an ambulance driver in the “Sint-Trudo” hospital in Sint-Truiden.

In 2007 Eddy was dealt a heavy blow, a serious bacterium (Spondylodiscitis) affected his body. This meant he could no longer pursue his passion as an ambulance driver. After more than two years of rehabilitation, Eddy found a suitable job at the St-Trudo hospital. This job was less stressful for his back and joints, but showed once more that Eddy was an important link in the hospital. 

He gratefully accepted the logistics job and the pleasure of working in “his” hospital relieved all his ailments. Eddy also always wanted the best for his colleagues and as a union representative he devoted himself intensively to them.

In his free time, he enjoyed a bicycle ride, dinner, a glass of wine or a good beer. A holiday abroad was also regularly on the programme. Eddy was very much looking forward to his retirement, which would start on 1 April 2022.

But then tragedy struck: in November 2020, Eddy was diagnosed with COVID-19. Family, friends and colleagues hoped every day for positive news, but unfortunately that did not happen.  Eddy fought against this disease, but unfortunately, after six difficult weeks, it appeared that he could not win the battle.

So unfair. Eddy, who spent his whole life helping others, unfortunately could not be helped himself.