Patrik Roelandt

Residence: Izegem – Belgium

Date of Birth: 16-02-1951

Date of Death: 01-12-2015

Employer: Independent Doctor

Job/Function: Doctor

Cause of Death: Agression

Submitted by: Anonymous healthcare colleague

Role model, Dr Patrik Roelandt, was stabbed to death in December 2015 in Ingelmunster by a patient who was in overdrive. For years, he was president of UHAK (Union of General Practitioners) and a founding board member of Domus Medica. Doctor Roelandt championed a solid structure for many years.

He was a member of the National Council of the Order and of the Provincial Council of the Order of Doctors West Flanders. He was also a member of the West Flanders GP Platform and chairman and secretary of his Huisartsenkring Izegem-Ingelmunster-Lendelede for many years. The fact that Patrik Roelandt fell victim to an aggressive patient is particularly tragic. After all, he himself had long campaigned for greater safety for doctors.

Patrik’s most important achievement was undoubtedly the legal recognition of the GP circles in 2002, for which he had campaigned strongly together with a number of other particularly committed doctors.

After Patrik Roelandt’s death, a support group was set up PRaag (Patrik Roelandt Anti-Agression Group) and the National Council of the Order of Physicians boosted Physician in Need, which promotes the welfare and safety of doctors.